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About us

MYOS, “The Muscle Health Company”, was created to develop and market innovative, advanced nutrition products to address muscle health in humans and domestic pets.  Powered by Fortetropin®:  Based on a proprietary, patented process, our products are all natural, safe, and effective while backed by rigorous peer-reviewed scientific research.

We collaborate with commercial and academic institutes such as German Institute of Food Technology, Rutgers University, University of California at Berkeley, Kansas State University, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and University of Tampa to conduct research and clinical trials to support our products.

Research has demonstrated that improved muscle health is associated with improved longevity, faster recovery, better quality of life and better outcomes for many serious illnesses.

The Muscle Health Company

powered by Fortetropin®

Backed By Science & Research

MYOS’ products, powered by Fortetropin®

At MYOS CORP, we are the owners and stewards of a very special discovery: Fortetropin® – an innovative proprietary ingredient that harnesses the immense natural power of raw fertilized egg yolk to build strong, healthy muscle in humans and animals.

Since our founding, we have been a company built on world class science and research, with a portfolio that includes four successful clinical studies and four patents. We aim not only to do well in business, but also to do good in the world by helping people and animals live healthier, happier lives.

Quick facts
  • Founded in 2011 as MYOS RENS Technology, LLC
  • In November of 2020 became MYOS Corp
  • “The Muscle Health Company”
  • Powered by Fortetropin®
  • Head office: NJ, USA
Who we are
  • Integrity – We demand the highest level of integrity from ourselves, our partners, and our stakeholders.
  • Transparency – We demand transparency in every aspect of our organization, whether it is in our supply chain, our quality assurance processes or the reporting of results from our clinical studies.
  • Disrupt the Status Quo – We exist to bring innovative and disruptive nutrition products to the market. We aspire to be leaders, not followers.

Focused On Muscle Health

We dream of a world where people and their pets not only live longer, they live their best lives and by using Fortetropin®, will allow them to spend more quality time doing things they love to do and love to be with.


MYOS’ mission is to boldly advance the field of muscle health through the development of innovative, advanced nutrition products that are safe, natural, effective and backed by rigorous, peer reviewed scientific research.


Our vision is to become the preeminent company that addresses muscle health by bringing innovative, advanced nutrition products to the market that are safe, effective, and backed by rigorous peer-reviewed, scientific research.

MYOS CORP is an emerging company focused on improving muscle health through the development of advanced nutrition products.

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Morris Technical Center
45 Horsehill Road, Suite 106
Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927

(973) 509-0444



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