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Fortetropin® is at the core of everything we do. We begin by sourcing raw, fertilized chicken egg yolk. We then put it through a patented pasteurization process that retains the yolks’ powerful bioactivity while eliminating harmful bacteria.

Every step of the process is executed at world class, state of the art facilities with rigorous testing at each stage. The result is a light crumble that can be consumed directly or mixed with food.

Myos adheres to Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) practices for consistent quality and safety of our products.   Our products are sourced and manufactured at world class, state of the art facilities in Europe and the U.S. with rigorous testing at each stage of our proprietary process.   

MYOS Research


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  • Older Men & Women (60-75 years old)
  • Young Men (18-21 years old)

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  • Fertilized vs. Unfertilized Egg Yolk 
  • Fertilized Egg Yolk on Myoblast Proliferation 

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Though largely overlooked in the healthcare space, strong muscle is clinically proven to have a significant effect on quality of life, longevity, and recovery among humans and animals.

A true disruptor, Fortetropin® is clinically proven to build muscle mass and strength, improve recovery, and prevent atrophy.

Fortetropin is a functional food and a single ingredient that performs like a drug. Powerful in its simplicity, Fortetropin is natural, safe, and abundantly available. Our patents and clinical research offer protection against industry competitors.


MYOS CORP is an emerging company focused on improving muscle health through the development of advanced nutrition products.

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