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Solving Big, Important Problems

At MYOS we try to imagine all possible applications of Fortetropin. By thinking big and tackling major challenges in healthcare, we believe we can make a significant impact in several areas, all while staying true to our mission of doing well and doing good.


MYOS Canine Muscle Formula® is an all-natural, advanced nutrition product that has been clinically shown to reduce muscle atrophy in dogs and help them recover from injury.

Animal Science

With Fortetropin supplementation, animals experience faster recovery from injury/surgery and a significant increase in quality of life. A true breakthrough in animal health with massive untapped potential.

Our Brands


YOLKED® is elite performance nutrition powered by the novel ingredient, FORTETROPIN® – clinically shown to accelerate muscle recovery and build 3x more muscle than standard protein use alone.

Health & Wellness

Beyond clinical usage, Fortetropin is also a terrific product for those pursuing optimal health at different stages of life as well as those exploring the bounds of human performance.

Our Brands

MYOS CORP is an emerging company focused on improving muscle health through the development of advanced nutrition products.

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